Passwords Keeper

Passwords Keeper 1.8

Stores and manages passwords

Store all your passwords in a secure location, organize them into categories and manage them accordingly. Use the search function to quickly find a specific account.

Do you have a great memory? Well, if you don't, this program might be really helpful for you. By creating a user account and a password, you will be able to store plenty of passwords for each of your e-mail or other software accounts. Use this program to remember your passwords, so that you will not have to deal with difficulties each time you forget or lose a password.

When you first launch Passwords Keeper, you will have to create a user name and insert a password. Once you do that, a new window will be opened and you will have access to different menus. The program allows users to store different information by simply clicking on the data menu. Once you have already stored your e-mails with their respective passwords, you will be able to see their information by just using some keywords.

Passwords Keeper 1.7, in contrast to its previous versions, enables you to create key files for an improved security. Moreover, this new version allows you to export data, lock options, load and save password lists and more. The program's interface hasn't changed since the last version.

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  • Supports English, Russian and Chinese
  • Allows you to store your e-mail password and other information


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